Case of the Unexplained: Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich

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Come hear the master of Windows troubleshooting, walk you step-by-step through how he has solved seemingly unsolvable system and application problems on Windows. With all new real case studies, Mark shows how to apply the Microsoft Debugging Tools and his own Sysinternals tools, including Process Explorer, Process Monitor, to solve system crashes, process hangs, security vulnerabilities, DLL conflicts, permissions problems, registry misconfiguration, network hangs, and file system issues. These tools are used on a daily basis by Microsoft Product Support and have been used effectively to solve a wide variety of desktop and server issues, so being familiar with their operation and application will assist you in dealing with different problems on Windows.



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    Andy Osewalt

    I would like to meet Mark Russinovich. I would jsut like to shake his hand once in my life because he has helped me with his tools, books, and videos. I also like the way he thinks. How would it be possible to meet my troubleshooting hero? I have vacation time to burn and if I could meet him for 5 minutes a lifetime goal would have been achieved. (not a joke)

    Andy Osewalt

    Civilian IMO serving in Germany, U.S. Army

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