Day 1: James Whittaker's Rise of the Machines

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The Discussion

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    Anybody younger than 35? Seems like youth is not interested in IT anymore.

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    So really interesting regarding rise of machines. This really should have pointed out the inflection point being the capture and exploitation of big data and the use of data mining and machine learning techniques. I would suggest to that 14 year old to really understand statistical mathematics, optimization and not be afraid of getting into large data analysis.

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    THE single most fascinating pub rant in the history of existence!

    just why cant we be stoned as we investigate the mysteries of the universe and cyborgism? 

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    Good point about Google and the web over taking MSFT and the mobile and apps doing the same to Google.  But what about defining things within domains?  The desktop domain still exists. And the server domain.  A case can be made that progress on the desktop has halted because of the push ( by management ) to be more like the device.  Even the emphasis of C++ the last number of years is a case of mobile hurting the desktop. C# is a much better choice for desktop programming than C++. 



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    James Whittaker

    Thanks everyone for your interest in this area. Please note that there is a blog post I did of a similar vein ...

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    Jarda Karlik

    Just noticed this article about a human champion looses against a machine :)

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