Day 1: Top Tips from a Headhunter

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    Hi Nick, I have always enjoyed your coaching.  Most of my junior and mid level career experience has been in executive level technology and information system management.  I want to lead and direct on the Executive level and feel like I have enough insight and experience to become a Director, or CIO. How do I break into executive level work? I just crafted a living resume to a Headhunter last Friday.  I promised that I would call them tomorrow, please give some pointers about what I should say on the call.

    Thank you.  Carla

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    Nick Corcodilos

    Carla - It's a bit different dealing with headhunters compared to employers. Keep in mind that the headhunter is working on a specific assignment - either you fit or you don't. I'd let the hh lead and tell you about the position. My suggestion is to then ask what the hh's client's objectives are. What do they want the new hire to accomplish, or "pull off" in 3, 6, 12 months? When you get an answer (a good hh will have one!), briefly outline how you'd approach that. Don't talk about yourself or your credentials - address the objectives. Don't worry, your credentials will surface!

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    This session was very insightful. There are a few tips that I picked up that I will be applying to my job hunting regime.

    Thank you for all the great work.

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