Day 2: Windows 10 Security - Protection Against Modern Security Threats

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    cynthya mack

    I do not know enough about computers to understand. I tried to download free windows 10 and my computer would not allow it to run. what do I do?

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    Cynthya Mack - One of several things could be preventing you from installing Windows 10.

    1. Your system doesn't meet the Hardware requirements to install and run Windows 10

    2. Your internet connection may not be reliable.  The connection needs to be a steady connection, without any kind of interruptions (communication drops, line noise/interference and or disconnections) this could also be caused by network congestion (too many people online)

    These two would be the main cause, there could be many other contributing factors.  Visit this link from Microsoft:

    If your system meets these requirements, then you may have to look into other causes.  If your not comfortable or unsure, you may want to have a family member that has more experience or you may have to hire a computer consultant.

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    Donna Geuder

    I could have done the upgrade myself as Microsoft walks you through everything. I wanted to do a system restore with my recovery DVDs so I got a local trusted MCSE to do the work in his shop. He was going to charge me a flat $99.00. So glad I gave it to him as he discovered my HDD was crashing and would not allow the restore from the DVDs. My laptop is 2 years old an had 8.1 Pro. He downloaded Win 10 from the internet in his shop and used the serial number on the back of my laptop to activate it. Now I have a 500 GB SSD instead of my clunky 1 TB normal drive. Good luck, and again, if you are not sure, find yourself a local, reliable MSCSE or Microsoft Certified Professional to do the job as most charge $99.00. If you can be without your computer for a week, the Geek Squad at Best Buy charges $99.00 to upgrade also.

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    Excellent Suggestion

    You may have to download the image iso File create a boot media on flash andDVD and boot from the media you created.

    Again if you are installing from an existing Windows 7/8 you may as well be having issue when the installing is asking you to update, skip the update and run a fresh installation.Windows will update after the installation.

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    I cannot see any face book videos it says to
    enable my flash players and i cannot find it as its built in win se any suggestions please

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    I use windows defender on windows 10, Is it enogh to protect my PC against modern threads?

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    Alejandro, while WIndows Defender (AKA Microsoft Security Essentials) is a more than capable antivirus, which has actually been climbing the charts in reviews as of late, you want to keep something in mind. All viruses are malware, but not all malware is a virus. That being said, while Defender is an excellent free AV you will want something else to cover what it does not, I will leave you to research that on your own, but, for my customers I usually recommend Malwarebytes Anti-malware. That being said, there are alternatives out there also such as's Super Antispyware, etc. so search for reviews and make an educated decision based on needs/cost (both offer free and paid versions)

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    Dear cynthya mack

    Also check hard disk free space.

    And to which folder is Windows 10 downloaded? Try to add a folder in C drive and put Windows 10 in there.

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    Thanks a lot Ryan; my question was motivated by the introduction that says: How to address the latest security threats in the world? How can I put an end to credential theft? How can I reduce the potential for malware and advanced persistent threats inside your org? So as I understand, I have to search for third party antimalware; Am I right?

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    I upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 and it is working fine. I have installed hotspotshield in my pc after that i found the speed become slow. Then I uninstall hotspotshield and now my browser is crashing and hanging time to time. I have only windows defender for antivirus. What i can do for hanging the browser. So far my window is up to date. Kindly your advice

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    I upgrade windows 8.1 to windows10 it is very good and easy

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    So, we might be approaching reasonable security for corporates at last.

    But what about consumers? Much of this is needed for them but they are left with a version of Windows 10 that can't have most of it enabled.

    This is so important that there should be a good Microsoft video on security for consumers at the top level of and alongside all product marketing. That could introduce MFA to consumers (and create a demand) but ensure that people are aware of the tools available and how to use them, as well as advise on good security practices (e.g. don't trust any request to log on).

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    Hi, is Virtualization Based Security also possible for Azure-AD joined machines? Or do they need to be AD-joined?

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    @Rose set Internet Explorer as default application for web browsing. I suppose you're using Edge browser found in your taskbar (Icon seems alike Internet Explorer).

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    MS also needs to implement certification of PCs on a very clear 3-4 tier system in terms of hardware security capabilities.

    Enabling bitlocker on a TPM-less PC with Win 10 Pro takes you back to setting IRQs and interrupts in the DOS days. Really surprisingly bad, but it's also near impossible to know whether consumer-grade hardware has the TPM chip inside.

    The final issue is that Bitlocker should be enabled on every version of Windows, not just Pro and Enterprise. Similar to how every smartphone OS now has encryption built in without an upgrade or payment.

    This level of security should not be seen as an "upgrade" or "pro" feature, but just everyday basic security that everyone should employ. Bitlocker is used as the most glaring example, but applies to other areas. Security in Windows should not be segregated.

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    Does anyone here know what the problem is with Microsoft Mahjong on Windows 10.
    I have installed it and tried it on 20+ PC's since W10 release and since October 2015 it has crashed on 'all' of them.

    Note these were not all the same spec PC's and involved both fresh installs upgrades and several unconnected Microsoft accounts.

    I did fluke a remote session with a Microsoft CSO but they stuffed that particular PC up so badly I had to completely reinstall W10.
    As such I am now averse to online support (when you can actually find it)

    I am not the only one with this problem as evidenced by the feedback on the Microsoft Mahjong Windows Store page.

    Please please please if there are any MS employee's reading this page I would appreciate it if you would go and ask some questions.
    Regards P.

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    Alvaro Ramos Pompeia

    Should you make a closed caption to some people like me that understand english typed than voice. Another thing is to let us download the video as mp4 or another format. With downloaded video I can make a subtitle in my language to other people here at home that do not understand english. To me is more complicated as I was a little deaf because excess use of walkman. I do not hear sounds higher than 8 KH. I do not hear high-pitched sounds and hear well the bass. Best regards.

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    Alvaro Ramos Pompeia

    I forget to mention that there is an option do download mp4. The download is running for about 30 minutes and are in 4%. I have a pentium quad 2.3 gh and 2 tera discks> What I mean before is some better way.

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    VinothkumaR NadarajaN


    Still i can not remove one malware services in Windows 10. That malware namely "MPC CLEANER SERVICES". Windows defender could not find that files as malware.

    No more improvement and information about Windows 10 Security protection.

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    norman  finlayson

    all very good comments

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    Lance Hino

    Windows Edge does not allow download "save target as" option when right clicking

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    To Alejandro.

    I would go for a better protection than Defender purely by the fact that I have had two Win10 laptops this week to remove viruses.   One had over 300 threats on it and it had killed Edge from working, had to reset it to get it going again.

    I believe Win10 is secure, but IE11 and other added programs still make Trojans and viruses able to attack it.

    One gets what one pays for in this world!! 

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