IdentityServer4: New & Improved for ASP.NET Core

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    I simply can't stress what a wonderful job the IdentityServer team has done. It isn't just a great (only?) example of a well done and truly extensible identity provider it's simply one of the better thought out frameworks _period_.

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    I just downloaded the video but the sound is quite bad. Lot of noice :-(

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    Dhaval Desai

    We have a number of applications built using Asp.Net MVC and AngularJS that require Single Sign On among them and also there are a number of Asp.Net Web APIs that require authentication. We're currently using Identity Server 3 as Identity Provider. We now want to change the Identity Provider. We want to choose one from Identity Server 4 and Azure Active Directory B2C. Which one should we choose? Our primary requirements are as mentioned below.
    1. Provides SSO - Both the IDPs provide this
    2. Provides Authentication mechanisms for following types of applications - Both the IDPs provide this
    - Server side web application
    - Single Page Applications (javascript based applications)
    - Server to Server Authentication
    - Token Generation and Authentication for Web APIs
    3. Supports following protocols - Both the IDPs provide all these
    - OAuth 2
    - OpenIdConnect
    - SAML 2
    4. Customized Login page including custom business logic like adding an extra page for additional verification for certain type of users. - Identity Server provides but I am not sure about Azure ADB2C
    5. Multi Factor Authentication
    6. Compatible with Asp.Net Identity - I think Azure ADB2C does not support this. Please let me know if I am wrong and how can I use Asp.Net Identity with it.

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