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Quality and fast feedback on mobile is a challenge! Developing mobile apps requires dealing with multiple platforms, OS versions, form-factors and resolutions, varying hardware capabilities and network conditions. At the same time, users have extremely high expectations for the mobile experience and will promptly punish with bad App Store reviews when disappointed. User expectations are set by fast-moving consumer apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps which deliver fast, responsive, quality apps with frequent release cycles.
At Xamarin, we believe that the way to higher quality and faster mobile release cycles is continuous delivery. In this talk, we show how to setup a continuous delivery pipeline for a small mobile app. We show you how fast (and fun) it is to write automated tests and to automatically run them in various deployments with each commit. We discuss benefits as well as some of the challenges that mobile developers face in establishing the ""walking skeleton"" deployment pipeline for mobile apps. The example pipeline is complemented with a few small but real-life case studies of companies who successfully have implemented continuous delivery for mobile.



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