Needs when running your DevTest Infrastructure on Azure

Play Needs when running your DevTest Infrastructure on Azure
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The Cloud / Azure is ideal for Dev/Test environments (Lab Management), it gives teams the freedom they need while validating the system under development. Not all cloud adoptions are successful some don't gain the maximum benefit.
While helping many teams around the world I captured a small list of needs, necessary to make DevOps teams successful in using the Cloud for their environment needs.
The needs can be grouped in two categories: Create and Use.
The ""Creation category"" contain the things that needs to be in place before you can create a dev/Test lab on Azure. The ""Usages category"" are needs that need help the usages of the dev/test on azure environments.
In this session attendees will get many tips how to be successful in adopting Azure for their DevOps teams so fast and flexible business value can be created.







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