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React Native is a great way to build native, cross platform apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript and the Visual Studio team recently released a new extension for React Native! The extension is similar to the Visual Studio Code Cordova Extension that enables you to build, debug and preview Apache Cordova apps, and it's built by the same team.

This session will be your opportunity to do a live Q&A with the Visual Studio product team that works on the React Native extension as well as TACO (the Tools for Apache Cordova). Joining the team will be two special guests from Exponent, makers of the Exponent Development Environment - a suite of tools to help developers build apps using ReactNative


  • Parashuram
    A Program Manager in the Visual Studio team, building developer tools for cross platform mobile application runtimes like React Native and Cordova. He is a core committer in the Apache Cordova project. He also works on open source tools for react and react-native, including projects like an adapter to use Cordova plugins in React Native, and a custom react renderer that uses Web Workers.

  • Jonathan Carter
    Program Manager in the Visual Studio team, working on developer services for mobile apps including Visual Studio Team Services, HockeyApp and CodePush.

  • Brent Vatne
    Developer at Exponent (, building a platform to deliver mobile experiences that combine the best of web and native. Brent is a core contributor to React Native, compiler of the React Native Newsletter ( and an organizer of React.js Conf 2016.

Moderated by Seth Juarez of Channel9

Please join us April 7th, at 10am PDT. See you then!



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