Cloud development with Azure and Visual Studio

Play Cloud development with Azure and Visual Studio
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Learn how to extend your applications with Azure and ASP.NET vNext to take advantage of the cloud, and embrace new scenarios that unlock unlimited possibilities for your applications. 







The Discussion

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    Hi i want to learn Cloud development with Azure and Visual Studio please help

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    it is of  'develop locally, deploy to the cloud'. or 'develop for the cloud', or even 'develop with the cloud'? 

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    Awesome talk and great stuff. "Testing in Production." Sweet!

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    Great session that shows how to implement ASP.NET 5 Beta 1 in real world application.

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    Hi Scott!

    Nice presentation and thanks!

    The source code related to the presentation is it available for download somewhere?


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    Awesome job making .Net Open and Cross platform. I was just blown away Thanks for the awesome integration with the open source platforms like Bower and grunt in ASP.NET 5 

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    Nick Nelson

    +1 on source code. I would love to see the source code for the MyShuttle app. The schematics for the IOT device would be nice too.

    In general, I'm having a hard time finding VS 2015 specific code samples.

    Awesome work! I can't wait to start working with all this new stuff.

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    Somehow these Cloud demos tend to fail due to missing internet connection. This is very bad if you want to make the point about a cloud-based world.

    I am completely for the cloud idea, but way to often you get the same problems during presentations "uups! somehow my internet connection does not work at the moment". The same happened to me when I tried to sell the idea to our upper management. You can imagine the comments "good that we did not bet our company in this cloud thing. ha ha ha ha" :-(

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    Great session. Where can I download this project ?

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    I love Scott, he's my geeky man crush, great to see some of these additions.

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    Scott is the greatest technology speaker of all time.. This is a great show and very exciting time in the .Net world. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing. Would love to download the demo project though.

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    Scott mentioned in twitter that the source code will be available soon. Cannot wait.

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    This is beyond awesome.

    I'm sometimes bummed when Scott does not get any applauses I would be there in a standing ovation when he presented the open web initiative.

    Everything in the presentation is very exciting, so much that sometimes I don't know where to start!

    Congratulation to everybody that pulled this awesome presentation and thank you for building such incredible stuff.

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    Cesar de la Torre

    Hey guys! We just published the code of!

    Check all the walkthroughs and code download starting from this blog post:

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    Lesedi Ramahobo

    Thank you ^^^^

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    @Adeel:I would also love some help getting started with the new .NET and deploying to Azure. The MyShuttle demo would be a great way to start. Can someone help?

    Edit: never mind, I found a nice guide which covers some of the concepts I read about here.

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    Thanks for the great talk Scott, I always enjoy your talks very informative, can`t wait to try out some of the stuff you shown.

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    afzal khan

    Hi i want to learn Cloud development with Azure and Visual Studio please help

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