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    Tons of features. Lots of good stuff.
    Trying the new Azure SDK 2.5 and the Cloud Deployment Template already. :D
    Diagnostics Search in Application Insights looks cool.

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    Lonnie H Baxley Jr

    I am impressed at all the great innovative work that is going on.
    It was a pleasure watching what the videos ....

    My first experience with a debugging tool was a FORTRAN source debugger in the 1980s. That was a great step in those days.

    With that background and seeing the evolution of tools today I am encouraged that all is well in the software world!

    Also being able to watch streaming videos of what we used to travel to be part of is exceedingly a pleasure.

    Thanks to everyone who has made it happen!

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    venkatesh ramakrishnan

    Excited to know, MSFT has clear goal to make Visual Studio Online "Enterprise Ready".

    Hope this will impart some changes to some the restrictions around licenses, in particular Visual Studio Online Professional. It is unclear why this SKU is limited to max 10 users per account.

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    It's really cool to see how microsoft is progressing forward and giving it's customers the same tools they use. I'm thrilled. I just wish theese tools could be extended to client distribution pratices, possibily on different platforms like ios and android apps.

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    Is there a timeline for when GitHub webhooks with VSO will be available?

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    @Mark - Some of the webhook functionality is available today with VSO Service Hooks.  We also have Branch Policy features coming in a few weeks to VSO (and TFS 2015 RTM) to integrate pull request with build - something that many teams accomplish with webhooks on GitHub.  VSO will take this further by providing options to require those builds to pass before the pull request can be completed.  Stay tuned to our feature timeline for more details: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/news/release-archive-vso

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    Thanks @mitrik.

    I guess I specifically want the ability to build in VSO but host the code in GitHub. So I would need a GitHub -> VSO webhook. Then have VSO clone the repo, kick off a build, run tests, all that goodness.

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