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    rob karatzas

    The "101" search in Visual Studio (even up to 2013) is a "basket case" in terms of UI and usability.

    When are we going to see the kinds of search capabilities in VS (standalone) which match those capabilities just demonstrated (just a little while ago) in the "canary version" of Visual Studio Online?


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    Good stuff.

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    Hi. Great stuff from microsoft to the developers community. We're very excited about the new announcements !
    Any further news about the future of silverlight ??

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    So much courtesy towards iOS, Linux, Mono to please all who might be joining .Net – what about your own children in needs of WPF? What was said – it was very political explanation.

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    @lepton: They are not giving up WPF.

    If you are talking about opensourcing:

    WPF is an old codebase, inherently tied to Windows and Microsoft technology, and thus not cross-platform. So I can understand that it isn't an option for them.

    Better creating something new based on modern .NET and XAML: async etc. It can be made better.

    It would be 100% compatible, not binary compatible - most likely concept-compatible, but what do one expect?

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    Great all we need now is the return of XNA for all us indie Game Developers who love writing Windows and WP games in C#.

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