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Dan Fernandez talks with Scott Hanselman about cloud development and ASP.NET vNext..







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The Discussion

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    What is the future of web forms ? Is it safe to assume that they are dead and we will not see any improvements in this model  ? 

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    If we have lets say 100 views & 100 controller in MVC application & we want to check for null exception for current session, what we can do & where?

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    Hey Now Scott Hanselman; I'm a BIG fan of Hansleminutes & appreciate all the info over the years.

    The 'No Compile' feature seems so neat to be able to change C# then refresh the browser and see the change with out stopping and starting debugging again. Please expand on this stellar feature? Thank you in advance; Catto

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    Hey Scott,  Can ask Chris Walker to update the status of the kickstarter project you talked about.  He took $1,012,742 from backers (including yourself) and has zero to show for it except a new basement he calls a factory (does this look like a watch factory to you) 

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    Hi Scott 

    Thanks for your time and effort.

    Would it be possible for you to update the "Nerd Dinner" tutorial to vNext version?

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    Does .net becoming open source mean those prices to become a .net cross-platform developer are going to go down, too?

    Getting the Xamarin version that has VS support is 1000$ per year, right now, which seems pricy enough for an individual.

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    George Birbilis

    since there was a very brief reference to J#, it would be nice if Microsoft opensourced that and let the community decide what to do with it

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