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As a Web Developer today you have many opportunities to create some amazing websites and services. Weather its updating an existing site to support responsive design, creating a new single page application (SPA), or a service that can power any device using REST APIs, ASP.NET and Visual Studio will help you get the job done.

Join us for a panel discussion with the ASP.NET product team to dive deeper into what's new in frameworks such as MVC, Web API, and others, along with how Visual Studio 2015 continues to evolve to be the best HTML, JavaScript and CSS editing and design experience, along with your favorite browser and the best open source technologies.

You can learn more about ASP.NET 5 here.


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The Discussion

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    Visual Studio Community 2013 still includes Silverlight development,

    What is the future of Silverlight?

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    Good stuff...

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    That is a terrible beard

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    Coming from a Linux and OSX user, you don't need to do any bundling but supplying an install script (which you're doing) is more than enough to get us started. What would be really nice though would to beef up the install and troubleshooting documentation. I imagine that would be forthcoming but that's all I see missing.

    Thanks for the great work guys.

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    @carlospinedag:Silverlight is still viable but I've heard it been referred to as "not dead but done" on the .Net Rocks podcast. This was while talking to Silverlight and WinRT devs.

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    What was the Web page for.Net tutorial??

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