Multi-Device Development Using Visual Studio (iOS, Android, & Windows)

Play Multi-Device Development Using Visual Studio (iOS, Android, & Windows)

The Discussion

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    The purpose to join this demo to get an idea how .Net 4.6 will scale development over iOS and Linux Platform. It was a most awaited feature developers looking in to .Net Technology.

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    Elvis Nica

    VS WP SDK has the WP OS Emulator - witch is an ARM one (not x86/x64)
    While developing an app I do not consider that this "IS" an ARM one - because .Net has a fairly OK framework.

    Now - considering multiple platforms:
    While developing an app the dev should not be constantly thinking that he/she develop an iOS/Anroid/WP/Windows/Mac/Linux/Ubuntu... app... but "an app".

    The only difference between those apps should be the style - not the business/logic/UI code.

    Look at JavaScrip + HTML. There are JSON for data representation and CSS for Style.
    The key to JavaScript success is ... the style - the CSS.

    MS must think hard about HTML/JavaScript/CSS success...
    In fact... at the JavaScript massacre between Programming JS growth.

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    The 1%... Xamirin dude needs to update his numbers lol

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    Josep Oncins

    @HOLIHAND, using what software did you use to develop using C++ and deploying it to iOS?

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    Alex Martinson

    Do you plan to add the ability to write Linux C/C++ code using Visual studio? It would be really nice.

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    Animations in WinJS aren't that great. I've used other libraries to incorporate different animations, but they didn't work well on WP. IE mobile seems to have an issue running animations smoothly.

    Also in VS Cordova, please make it easy to create non-bouncy lists. It takes a lot of work to make a Cordova app feel like an app but not a website.

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    I believe you can also use Xamarin.Forms with the Indie license, not only the Business or Enterprise licenses.

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