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VB14 has a host of improvements across the board. In the IDE, it now includes refactoring, the ability to organize imports, better cref support, and more. Visual Basic 14 projects show metadata as source, display the References node in the Solution Explorer, support Shared Projects, and compile 50% faster. The Visual Basic language has improvements in existing features like comments within LINQ, read-only auto-properties, and multi-line string literals. It also adds new features like NameOf, member access that protects against NullReferenceException, and string interpolation. This video is a quick tour of the highlights.







The Discussion

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    Clarification: two of the features mentioned "NameOf" and "String Interpolation" aren't yet in VS2015 Preview; they'll come along presently (prior to the final release of VS2015).

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    @ljw1004:Thank you for telling me. I was trying to use string interpolation with no success.

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    Congrats Lucian, finally some VB language improvements with this release i've been waiting for!


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    Want in production now !

    Especially ? for nullcheck andalso nameOf



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    Can You target older framworks when using the new compiler ?

    For instance I would like to target framework 4 or Framework 4.5.2 ?

    Or does it require 4.6(?)  ?


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    @LarHel, yes, all features work fine when down-targeting.


    There's one corner of string interpolation to mention... we'll let you write

    Dim x As FormattedString = $"hello {p.Age:0.00}"
    x.FormatString  ' String with value "hello {0:0.00}"
    x.Args    ' Object array with one element, p.Age

    This will only work if the "FormattedString" type is present. This will be built into .NET4.6, but it will also be available in a NuGet package for people targeting older versions of the framework. Similar to what we did with Microsoft.Bcl.Async

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    Love Wishick's energy, and passion. Simply exudes through the video.

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