Visual C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development using Visual Studio 2015

Play Visual C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development using Visual Studio 2015
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In this video, Ankit Asthana shows you how to use Visual Studio 2015 to share, reuse,  build, deploy, and debug your cross-platform mobile C/C++ code, including how to: 

  • Create projects from templates for Android Native Activity apps, or for shared code libraries that you can use on multiple platforms and in Xamarin hybrid apps. 
  • Use platform-specific IntelliSense to explore APIs and generate correct code for Android or Windows targets. Configure your build for x86 or ARM native platforms.  
  • Deploy your code to attached Android devices or use Microsoft's performant Android emulator for testing.  
  • Set breakpoints, watch variables, view the stack and step through code in the Visual Studio debugger.  
  • Share all but the most platform-specific code across multiple app platforms, and build them all with a single solution in Visual Studio. 

To find out more information about cross device development with Visual Studio, check out this whitepaper on building mobile apps with Microsoft tools and resources, leveraging the Azure platform.



The Discussion

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    Will it be possible to finally debug C++/JNI code inside an Android application that is not a native activity? Google uses gdb-server but the hooking process was unnecessarily involved and broken.

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