Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio

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With Visual Studio 2015, you can use the power and productivity you've come to love to build rich mobile applications across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This video covers trends and common strategies for mobile app development. It also provides a comprehensive look at building cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript and HTML5, or C# and VB.NET, or even building cross-platform shared components in C++, all within a single solution in Visual Studio.

To find out more information about cross device development with Visual Studio, check out this whitepaper on building mobile apps with Microsoft tools and resources, leveraging the Azure platform.



The Discussion

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    This was a nice informative one. Can we have Visual Studio 2013 Community edition have Xamarin enabled for individual edition as well.. The current xamarin apps can be build from Visual Studio only for Xamarin Business or higher versions...

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    Were is VB in all this?

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    Were is VB this in all 

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    You spoke about using less files in the project. But when I try to Add New Item there is no option to add less files only css files. Even when I manually added the less file under css folder and referenced the css in the index.html, but css is not auto generated. What am I missing, is there a process that needs to be followed to get less/sass files to work in this project?

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    Very nice 

    please do provide more "how to develop" videos.


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    Interesting. I notice she is using an Apple Mac with Parallels to run Windows and Visual Studio. Like to see somebody do a "how-to" to set this up.

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    Very interesting! I believe there is a bright future for Xamarin and Apache Cordova development in Visual Studio 2015. 

    Hope you guys will be making more videos on both technologies. 

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    Awesome... I was worried about becoming a cross platform developer since i need to learn different Programming Languages but this update is really awesome .. which will help a lot of new developers across the world.

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    Abdella : You Can Find them ( Vedios to Develop) on Channel9 or Microsoft Virtual Academy :) Hope this helps u

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