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When developing for any platform, every developer needs a fast and reliable edit-compile-debug cycle. With Visual Studio 2015 Preview you can target Android and edit-compile-debug regardless of your choice of programming models: HTML/JavaScript with Cordova; C++; or C# with Xamarin. With all three of those choices, when you start debugging, you must first choose a target: a device, or an emulator. This video will provide an overview of Microsoft's emulator for Android specifically.

To find out more information about cross device development with Visual Studio, check out this whitepaper on building mobile apps with Microsoft tools and resources, leveraging the Azure platform.



The Discussion

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    THIS changes everything! At least, it does for ME. This is incredible!

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    Can i put another firmware like android lollipop?

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    Richard Collette

    Which client operating systems if any does this run on if any? Apparently it will not run on Windows 7.

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    Yes, please answer the above questions. Can it run lollipop?

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    Chris Bordeman

    I suggest you guys download Visual Studio Community Edition (the new free, fully functioning VS for open source projects) and try to create a Hyper-V image and load it into the emulator.

    Then let us know if it works.

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    Daniel Moth

    Hey folks, all your questions can be answered by reading this comprehensive blog post, and there is also a link to a survey from that for your feature requests:

    After reading the blog post, please let me know if your question is still outstanding and then I will answer it here, and also add it to the blog for others – thank you!


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    If I am not mistaken it is only for x86 image?

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    pls does the VS community edition have cross platform emulator?
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    Android Emulator doesn't work me :'(

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    The emulator is very useful, and the underlying demo app is quite good as well. However, the demo app does not include any obvious method of creating a GUI. I can work in either Java, C++, or JNI. Do you have any recommendations?

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    Daniel Moth

    Yes as per the blog post the emulator is x86 images, 4.4 only at the moment, and requires VS2015 to install and launch (after which you can connect with it from any IDE).

    Merlin, the emulator is programming model agnostic - it is just another ADB target. I think you are asking a generic Visual Studio question about targeting Android and the answer, as per the blog post, is C++, Cordova, and C# through Xamarin (there are videos for those on channel9 that you can watch and follow up). If you cannot use those programming models, then use your favorite IDE and connect to the emulator from that (once you've launched it from VS2015).

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