The Future of Microsoft Tools and Services for the New Role of Developers

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The role of the developer is dramatically changing in today's world, and so is Microsoft. A year ago we started the journey for a new Microsoft for developers, unveiling the future of an open source .NET on Linux and Mac, and a free Visual Studio for targeting any device and any OS. In this keynote full of announcements and demos, Scott Guthrie will show the next steps of the Microsoft transformation with development tools and services that help developers be successful in this new world.

The demo used in the keynote can be found in the repo at The samples in the repo are used to present an end-to-end demo scenario based on a fictitious B2B and multitenant system, named "" that provides different websites, mobile apps, wearable apps, and services running on the latest Microsoft and open technologies.



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The Discussion

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    Sounds really promising if it can support all platforms available nowadays.


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    Silence on my Ubuntu.

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    Why aren't you using powershell for SSH? I thought powershell was supposed to be the new shell for windows.

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    Why is only low quality video posted? High quality video is posted for Build and Ignite conferences. High quality makes it easier to read computer screens when Visual Studio is demonstrated.


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    @GeoffWass: it just wasn't ready yet. We post the files as we get them to make it available as quickly as possible

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    A great video to know more features and thanks to every speakers. Cool.

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    Will the source Code from the examples be available?

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    That's great event for web developer from Microsoft. Keep going guys. Thank you all!

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    very cool!

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    @hanswurst - yes, all the HealthClinic sample apps are posted on GitHub already at  Enjoy!

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    @Duncanma:Thank you! I see them now. I apologize for being a little too anxious. I watch a lot of the conference videos you produce and I appreciate that a lot of work goes into each event. All the best with Day 2!

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    Awesome stuff. The .NET tooling may not be available for all flavors of Linux, but Microsoft is definitely heading in the right direction. Keep it up, Microsoft.

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    @achimdet, thank you for the link, but it is not working, yet?

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    Thank you Microsoft for connect()!
    Exist a tool for convert direct wph apps w8.1 to w10(device-phone only) and w10(..) to w8.1 ?
    It would be necessary for apps , users ,Store...for nokia phone (not all users have w10 on phone!
    Thank you again for this conferences and best regards!
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    @HansWurst, for me. just tested again in Chrome, IE and Edge...all seem to be working fine.  Can you try again please?

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    Too late

    Too late. Forget about it. Evil MS empire.

    Bring BG to the gallow's pole, is what I say.

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    So interesting, thanks

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    Love what Andres does with TypeScript and JavaScript community. Great collaboration with Google!

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    good job

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    Mike Peterson

    I have been programming since 1972

    I have seen many, many presentations from Microsoft, each one claiming to be the great new idea that re-invents the world

    Some are good, some not so good

    The speaker talks about "Mobile First, Cloud First", as if it was an undisputed fact

    I disagree!

    You is following fashion and trends

    Most of the Windows userbase is on desktop

    Yes, mobile and cloud are important, but DEFINITELY NOT first for most Windows users

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    Dinosaurs still exist.

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    j nord

    All the same what we ever heart:

    azure, office365 and store app. We have no customer for this.

    What is with LightSwitch ( Rad development for web and mobile )?

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    Crossing all boundaries, Good for all

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    "Mobile first, Cloud first".
    But not a word about (still) sucking Visual Studio and TFS.
    "Homework first" I say.

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    The video player succksssss

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    I'm using most of these features already and enjoying them very much. Keep it up and I'm looking forward for vnext. 

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    If this new version needs xamarin like vs 2015? Actually i can only develop with C# for android with a expensive xamarin-licensel...

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    Happy to see what MS is doing for developer, we developer in India really loving it :) Thanks

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    I respect how Microsoft respect developers :D

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    Bill Arnold

    What about FoxPro?

    - open source!
    - Visual Studio support!
    - Proof Microsoft cares for its developers!

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    +1 for Bill's comment.

    VFP was and is still the chosen platform for desktop and client server application development world wide. The many users and devotees of VFP simply refuse to lie down despite support and development of the product being dropped many years ago.

    Maybe someone should take a fresh look at this product with a view of either open sourcing some/all of it and allowing it to fit into the new Microsoft Open Source Philosophy. As a RAD development platform with an inbuilt data processing engine it is streets ahead of any new language, being easy to learn but powerful in action. What was Microsoft's biggest best kept secret is still there and begging for a new lease of life so why not give it a look in light of all the new developments encompassing other languages into VS.

    Nothing runs faster than the Fox.......

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    Deactivated User

    VSTS distributed revision control is way behind Redmine, that's popular because Microsoft Researchers on this site's videos showed off Haskell, which is behind DARCS, which is supported by Redmine. While there are too many solutions, if anything but TFS is supported, then at least Redmine (or whoever leads the market) must be caught up with.

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    + 1 for VFP life extension
    We at FoxInCloud (htp:// see many young developers from developing countries using VFP successfully, and looking forward to extend their expertise and applications over the years.
    FoxInCloud offers the opportunity to run the same VFP9 code either as a 'classic' desktop application, or a full HTML-CSS-JS Web application with outstanding capabilities.
    Microsoft can count on third-party VFP extensions developers to support their effort towards this very efficient platform used by over 500k developers in the world.

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    Love ASP.Net and C# so much!

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    Came here to watch the dotnet native compilation on Linux demo. Seriously game-changing.

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    Khotim Zaini Ashiddiq

    I agree with Mr Mike Peterson, but so I Appreciate and I was helped by Microsoft until nowadays

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    It seems like MS simply follows fashion instead of following its own unique way. MS has brought us a lot of great technologies in the past. But now they follow everything what is popular in open source/UNIX community. Have they forgotten the fact that while UNIX has longer history than Windows, best software solutions were built not for UNIX, but for Windows? Best tools were built for Windows. They state that they do everything for developers. But what is the point to continue mastering and using their technologies, if they put more and more effort into making competitive technologies succeed over MS technologies? Really disappointed with MS loosing its own way and following what is in fashion.

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