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    Wonderful work you guys are doing. Awesome!
    Just please add an explicit pay button in Azure billing :)

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    It sounds cool. However, I still think MVC needs to have the concept of UI controls like ASP.NET Web Forms does. I think this is something that Java got right with JSF. It uses MVC, but, has UI controls. To me ASP.NET MVC is just a copy of Ruby On Rails. Personally, I don't want to get stuck in the weeds implementing UI controls and things like a grid with paging, sorting, filtering, inline editing, lazy loading, etc. I want to be able to drop a control in the markup and data bind that against a data source and have things work without getting in JavaScript hell. I have this with ASP.NET Web Forms already. MVC is a step backward from what I want. I guess I will just be stuck doing things the old way on the old version of ASP.NET on Windows. It sounds like the Scott's are aware of the trendiness of this or that. Personally, I'm getting sick of it. I want a stable environment that works and does what I want. Namely, I want to be able to develop logic for business applications, applications that have a complicated UI and I want to be able to program at the proper level of abstraction. I'm looking forward to whatever comes after ASP.NET MVC because while it has cool features like Razor, it doesn't seem better than Web Forms for what I want. I know Web Forms has it's own problems, but, I don't think MVC is the answer to everything either. I think Microsoft has been getting distracted by what is trendy. The constant churn is ridiculous. If it truly is better, then that's one thing, but, I'm not convinced that it is.

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    Fred Sena

    Answering to Jon's post:

    It's time to move forward and embrace the new world of Javascript technologies. Let's leave webforms behind and explore new opportunities on web open source world.
    All the best!

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    Thanks Fred, my thoughts exactly!

    Web forms and the whole click-event driven flow only came in to existence so as not to scare old world windows developers away. MVC, its separation of concerns and how it lends itself to the new age of cross-platform, enterprise class development in an OSS first age is key to Microsoft's relevance as a key player in continuing to setting the pace for the industry.

    It's not so much about being trendy as it is about being realistic and rooted in the current state of things while still being just ahead of the horizon to ensure that the new age of developers continue to be empowered across heterogeneous environments.

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    Maulesh Mevada

    Great to hear runs on win, mac and linux.
    Things are changing rapidly till now we had watching changes in front end framework like mvc but now its core cahnges, till now we had only experience for .net with windows but now we need to look for other os as well with .net core framework.

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