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    Those chairs look very uncomfortable.

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    @poteb : Metro design principles : content first :p

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    Simple question: I have a single page of html, I don't need controllers or any of that to call services to get data, I just make ajax calls! I would like to add data on page load.

    With Webforms, I could just make a single page and ignore the rest, how do I do that with 5?

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    @samcov: In 5, there is no webforms.

    With WebForms, which will remain in 4.x versions, you can use WebMethod (in aspx pages) and WebApi

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    @samcov:You coult make a simple 5 site with only serving static files and just serve that index.html and JS files and thats it. Much leaner with 5

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    @csv79: I like that, I've never liked MS's MVC, I much prefer a MVVM style web app! They make a BIG point about in 5 that you can just save the file and refresh the web page and it works! That always cracks me up because we've been able to do that in webforms the day they were introduced many years ago... 2002!!!

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    @sheryever - Yes I know that webforms are gone, I don't really mind, I just wanted to know how to make a single page that I can use some syntax to pull data from a database(or elsewhere) and place it on a form ONLY on load. I assume razor syntax is all that's available. I simply do not wish to have the bloated MVC layout. Even with webforms, we NEVER used MS controls, only plain html.

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