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    Will MS extend VS Universal Apps to multiple OS's: Windows/WP, Linux/Ubuntu/Android, MAC, iOS .. even Raspberry?

    Will VS add support to embedded IOT projects (like IAR eww/ewp project files) with ARM compiler support suitable (see code size) for embedded/IOT?

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     Can I get a replay of this Please, "Building Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows"

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    Shammi Mohamed

    I'm an indie game developer who comes from a C++ background and this was very invaluable.
    I wanted to throw in my few cents on which tech to use for games. I would say the answer lies in your experience, expertise as well as priorities. I'm living through this very problem right now of getting my cross platform game to work on multiple platforms.

    - Unity is the most popular goto solution. Unity maybe written in C++, but the coding language a developer uses on Unity is c#, which can be a mixed bag. It's a managed language that doesn't require of a lot of low level expertise, but that comes at the expense of having a c# language engine sitting on top of their C++ engine. You will lose some performance there, but then again if your game isn't doing much why bother. In general my experience with Unity is 0 to 80% is really fast and after that Unity's architecture, rigidity and black box nature start to get in the way.

    - I chose to write my own cross platform game engine in C++. My approach was to use Win32 as my dev platform and have it also work on iOS at the same time. This really worked well, as it was a good architecture exercise that made sure the right platform abstractions were in place, be it abstracting the file system, screen layout, input, etc. Although it was possible for me to swap out renderers on platforms, I opted to write an OpenGL ES renderer as I was able to use an emulator on Win32. The down side to all this was that I had to write most of the engine infrastructure, but that was my choice. On the plus side, the end of the project was a lot easier considering it was all my code and I wasn't pulling my hair out reading forums, etc. trying to figure out if the bug was in code beyond my reach.

    - I'd strongly recommend keeping the cross platform option open. Using unity will guarantee it. With C++, you will have to put in a little more effort and planning to get it working correctly across all platforms. Another disadvantage with Unity will be availability of engine on newer platforms early on. e.g. I was able to release my game on tvOS (Apple TV) in the first week because I had it written in C++. Had I used unity, I'd still be waiting for them to release their tvOS version.

    Finally, I'd like to add that I'm super excited about being able to manage and DEBUG, most if not all of my code in one IDE, which BTW is my IDE of choice. I can't wait for this..

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    mobile app development

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    If only you didnt throw away thousands of winform dev expert developers by not making winforms or uwa to combile for linux ios and android.
    You are loosing billions because we cant write professional apps for mobiles with what we know. ...

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