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    I don't see lots of information about building UWP Apps Using JavaScript/HTML available at this point. There are some samples on Github but no Virtual Academy training sessions or articles etc. Based on what I can find on ms website, XAML/C# looks like the preferred route that Microsoft is pushing for building such apps. It also seem that Microsoft's interest for developers in building UWP apps using JavaScript/HTML is diminishing. Can some one confirm if that concept is still alive and actively been developed and supported by Microsoft?

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    +1 to that question

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    @JSRocks, don't hear anything that's not being said. Microsoft loves JavaScript all over the place. It is building tools for JavaScript. Shoot, in many cases it's building tools with JavaScript.

    Using HTML/JavaScript is a completely supported scenario in Windows 10 UWP apps.

    It's true that we're heavier on the XAML/C# samples. There are a log of strong cases for using the power of XAML and C# and building a glossy, native app that takes advantage of numerous platform functionalities is one of them. Especially when you're more experienced with C#.

    Don't look for an either or... a this way or that way. We're making tools for the code people are writing, and these days there are a lot of people writing JavaScript. I suppose like anything, that could change, but I can't see it. I'm going to keep writing JavaScript... when it makes good sense.

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    I am not looking for an either or this way or that way. I am just a web developer with experience in JavaScript/HTML technologies. I have almost no experience in .NET or C#. When Microsoft broke the news about ability to create Windows 8 Store Apps using JS/HTML, I was so glad. That was not just an announcement but it was fully backed by ample samples/tutorials etc. I watched your course of creating Windows Store Apps on MVA and greatly benefited from that. MS basically created a path for people like me to to develop Apps on Windows 8 platform with my existing skill-set.

    Its certainly good to know that I will be able to do the same for Windows 10 UWP apps as well. However reality is that at this point, there is very minimal information/training available to do so. For example, MVA has a whole course of building Windows 10 Universal Apps using c#/XAML ( but there is no equivalent course using JS/HTML. All recent conferences (Build/TechEd/Connect etc) that I followed has sessions on creating Windows 10 USP Apps using C#/XAML but I couldn't find many useful sessions demonstrating use of JS/HTML for this.

    So in theory, as you said HTML/JS could be a supported scenario in Windows 10 UWP apps, however, there aren't many evidences that MS is supporting the developer community who is keen on learning and building UWP apps us JS/HTML.

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    @JSRocks, I completely agree that docs and guidance for the JS strategy is weak. I'm just saying that I don't choose to take that to indicate a lack of intent or support. I haven't heard Microsoft say "we want to back off from the strategy of using JavaScript to build Windows apps".

    As time permits, I will be working to get video and other content in place, and will push your feedback (which I concur with strongly) up the chain. Thank you so much for your input.

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