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A full-blown Node.js experience in Visual Studio? Who knew?! Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) is a free, open-source extension that turns Visual Studio into a Node.js IDE. NTVS includes powerful editing features, IntelliSense, debugging locally and remotely (Windows/Mac/Linux), profiling, an interactive window (REPL), npm integration, TypeScript, running & debugging unit tests, Azure Web Sites / Cloud Services, and much more.

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The Discussion

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    Hey all, in case you're curious about what settings I used in this demo to give VS a more minimal layout, just posted them here:

    Note that this is tailored to my own personal preferences, but hopefully it still proves useful to some folks. 

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    It would be much nicer if the output of the NodeJS app would be displayed in a Interactive Window in VS or in Output WIndow in VS and not in a separate console window.

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    Sara Itani, has nice presentation skills. Best presenter in a long time.

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    I wish when I create a new project I have an option to pick ejs or jade

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    Great presentation. I love MS tools.

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    Please consider a template to create a nodejs with LoopBack and client-side with angularjs. thanks

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    Ersan Dolek

    Wonderful presentation.

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    Outstanding work! Kudo Sara!

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    I am new to Node.js and I thought that was a nice intro video. Well done. I would like to use Mocha to unit test some JavaScript/jQuery code I have in an existing VS2015 application. I have added a new Node project to my existing VS solution and added a new JavaScript Mocha UnitTest file. How do I get this new unit test file to recognize the code in other projects in my solution? I don't see any means of setting a reference to the other projects. Can you explain in detail each step (or point me to an online tutorial that explains each step) on how to set this up please? Thanks very much! Dave

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    Pretty awful. looks like the presenter is reading off a script this one. After years of experience in the IT industry, easy to spot someone who has "actually" worked on this before demonstrating. We don't need no mickey mouse course graduates.

    She found explaining even the basic concepts very very hard... poor, uber poor job

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    Great Feature ! What about MSBuild ? Maybe show is how to add nodeJs for vs to a simple mvc project with nothing. But this is a great présentation !!

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    Great thank

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    Great walkthrough and very informative! Sorry if it has been answered elsewhere, but how do you get to launch Chrome instead of IE/Edge? Are there any differences in functionality when you switch from IE/Edge? Many thanks! :3

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    Well, you speak like you didn't know what you're going to show next and just improvise. You also use too much of yyy ehmm ahmm that shows that you actually have no script for this. This video also shows things that aren't really related to node.js but rather are general javascript features. I had hoped I learn something about the node.js package but it wasn't the case. Overall a poor presentation.

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    Visual Studio is perfect for developing node js application:)

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    Usman Nazir

    Still waiting for EJS syntax support in Visual Studio Node JS tools. Currently it just supports JADE.

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    Great, thank you of your nice presentation.

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