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    But where is the "Express" version of the IDE for the Basic VS Online? Currently, VS Online Basic is inappropriately named because there is no Basic VS IDE. All you get with VS Online Basic is some source control, team tools, and build time. Without an Express-level IDE, it really isn't "Visual Studio," is it??

    Introductory pricing on VS Online Pro is $22/month and headed to $45/month ... TOO expensive for small one-person shops. There should be an "Express" version IDE that mirrors the feature set of desktop "Express" VS. Think about that cost under GA pricing: $540 per year ... and the desktop IDE is around $500. That's not good, especially for a "lightweight" version of the IDE.

    Also, when you say "lightweight" IDE ... what does that mean? None of the docs in Azure, at the VS website, or in the video here explain exactly what is left out of desktop Pro IDE. Are we supposed to guess what was left out?

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    The Visual Studio Online Basic plan is different from the Visual Studio Express IDE. The Visual Studio Express IDE is free for all users where the Visual Studio Online Basic plan is free for the first five users. Those using that plan may not even need an IDE (like stakeholders, business users, project managers, etc.) so it is more named to indicate that it includes the "Basic" set of capabilities of Visual Studio Online. We also wanted to make sure we clearly distinguished it as an "Online" plan as well so "Online" is included in the name.

    One thing to remember about these plans are that they have no commitments beyond the month. Therefore, you can have someone join your team and get one month of Visual Studio Online Professional and they are up and running. If they aren't with the team the next month, then you cancel the plan for that team member.  If you will have the team member around for a long time, your best option for getting Visual Studio Online is still through MSDN subscriptions.  visual Studio Professional with MSDN will be the best plan which includes the same capabilities of Visual Studio Online Professional with much more including the additional MSDN benefits like dev/test rights for Microsoft software, Windows Azure benefits, and more.


    You can also receive discounts off the retail pricing by taking advantage of commitment-based Windows Azure accounts that include spending for all Windows Azure resources including the Visual Studio Online user plans and shared services.  The discounts are substantial and increase the more you spend.

    Visual Studio Online Professional is not a lightweight version the Visual Studio IDE.  You receive the full Visual Studio Professional IDE with Visual Studio Online Professional - the only difference is that you are paying for it monthly and you receive the benefits of Visual Studio Online at the same time.

    When we talked about a lightweight code-based editor, we were talking about Visual Studio Online "Monaco" which is something we announced at the launch that is complementary to Visual Studio on the desktop for certain scenarios.  The scenario we began with for "Monaco" is lightweight editing of Windows Azure Web Sites.  Feel free to take a look at the other "Monaco" videos where we dive in deeper.

    Remember though that Visual Studio Online is much more than "Monaco."  It is a set of services to help you as a developer and your development team be as productive as possible quickly without requiring additional infrastructure including ALM capabilities (TFS), new services like build, load testing, and Application Insights, and the new "Monaco" editor.  Together, they represent how Microsoft is making services tangible for developers and development teams for the future.

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    John McInally

    I had a problem with visual studio installing and had to uninstall the program, now i am worried about downloading again.

    I was trying for VS 2012 but N/A so i am left in doubt about trying again.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated



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    Shigeru Sato

    I will Fly to sky.

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    Not interested. Too boring. Please unsuscribe

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    Thank you

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    What is "visual stew"?

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    I've been trying to get started for years, some of my ideas have actualy come together in part. This feels like the oprotunity but, I was'nt expecting it. As I've stated from the very begining, I'm strictly a hobbiest so I hope ya all can bare me. Thanks.

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    your video player is not playing in my browser, i don't know why. it always heppens when i open windows videos.

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    Farouk Mansur

    This is Excellent please keep it up.

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    If the video is not playing trying viewing it in IE.  MS is obviously not providing the video in a format that is compatible with your browser.  

    The joys of HTML 5!

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    Channel 9 videos should play on any browser that supports H.264 MP4 or WebM (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari...)

    If the video isn't playing, try changing the format. C9 will try to automagically determine what the best format is, but sometimes it takes a human touch. Below the video, click on Format. HTML5 is a good option usually. If you have a C9 Profile, you can change your detail format there too.

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    Ralph Goodwin

    huy'ch'qu' / thank you / merci / miiqwich

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    Henry Escobar Montoya


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    my computer not showing colors i want vga gramphic card or drivers what cam i do. please explian it.

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    I installed Visual studio 2013 but after opening
    I couldn't find Visual C++/CUDA, for CUDA is need separate
    installation ? or not
    I have some codes in CUDA so I want implement it through
    my visual studio can you help me how to solve this ?

    I'm new user for visual studio

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    Andreas Plassmann

    Alles sehr schön doch wenn man es nicht gut Ubersetzt bekommt , steht man schon auf dem Schlauch. Leider schade. Web Erpressung 4 war besser für mich.
    Hier komme ich nicht mehr mit.

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    We work on Visual Studio all the time this is perfect for us!

    We want to have multiple developers work on a single project to produce a useful and profitable application.

    Great work and presentation

    Mark birdAsh

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    Thank you

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    thank  you  for this  opportunity !!:)

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