​Introducing Bootstrap for ASP.NET Web Development across Multiple Devices

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    Good introduction. Thanks!

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    Most of the offices I work in its not really appropriate, or possible, to play videos.

    This one wont even download.

    It would be good if these tutorials always included a web transcript so we cam all access them at any time.

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    Quite an appropriate introductory explanation.

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    Thank you my friend, very clear explanation about this tool.

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    Paul Hermans

    Great explanation on this. Good news is that it looks really powerful, bad news is i have yet another thing to learn :-)

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    Nice introduction - thanks!

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    Good introduction, thanks. and just to clarify, since BootStrap is a web front framework, so for old visual studio version, like VS2010, BootStrap stilled can be imported. so for the integration to VS2013? what does it mean?

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    Very nice introduction!

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    Very nice introduction. :)

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    Good one. Thanks for the tutorial.

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    Nice introduction. I especially focused on how to use themes in Visual Studio and also about how to customize images, forms, and tables.

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    Early in your session (which I  found outstanding!) you used a tool to look at a website that allowed re-sizing and rolling the output so as to more easily inspect how a web site reacted to a variety of device environments. What was that tool? How may I get a copy?




    Austin, TX

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    Good intro to Bootstrap!

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    Nice introduction. i learn any things really u done good job.thanks

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    You need to understand that high-quality video format is very slow for many parts of the world. Videos should allow settings to change quality.This applies to most ch. 9 videos not only to this one. Hint: Usability 101: Think about the user for at least 1 second!

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    @Emmad: Odd that this one only has the High Quality, but most videos on the site have 3 formats, low, medium and high ... once you click play (which defaults to medium quality) you can click the 'gear' icon and pick a different quality (and a different playback speed if desired)

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