Microsoft’s Open Source Developer Journey

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    > Microsoft has been pushing the open source rock up the hill for almost 15 years now


    That's being rather selective.  Ballmer was very much against open source, and he hasn't been gone for that long.

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    Thanks ScottH. Keep on sharing good code, samples, you code journeys, magical tips, tricks and of course your positive energy. Hope you'll be getting into Unity and Mixed Reality soon. That is clearly the next frontier and NET will take you (us) there also.

    Azure Friday is always good, but tough to follow sometimes (we're not all as fast and smart as you). 

    Thanks for sharing and caring.


    Willem F. Asselbergs 



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    Una pena el no poder haber ido. El año que viene no me lo pierdo por nada del mundo.

    Un saludo y a seguir trabajando así de bien!

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