Visual Studio 2012 Virtual Launch

Experience modern app development and discover all of the incredible new features of Visual Studio 2012 from wherever you happen to be at the Visual Studio 2012 Virtual Launch.


Panel discussion

Modern apps

Modern apps embrace the new needs in software development, by evolving business and consumer apps into a new era where connected, user-centric experiences are exposed through any device and powered by continuous services. Learn how Visual Studio 2012 and the Microsoft platform enable these experiences for your existing apps and empower you to build new exciting apps that delight your users.

  • .NET 4.5 and languages: Learn the latest capabilities of .NET Framework 4.5, including enhancements in languages, libraries, and tools for creating modern apps.
  • Web and cloud: Take advantage of Visual Studio 2012 to create compelling online experiences and continuous services that run on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Windows platform: Learn about creating apps for Windows platform with Visual Studio 2012 to reach millions of potential customers

Modern lifecycle

Modern app lifecycle management practices help teams build and ship great software that exceeds customer and business expectations, with agility, quality, and operational excellence. See how Visual Studio 2012 provides a comprehensive solution for any team to embrace modern app lifecycle management practices at their own pace to reduce cycle times, eliminate impediments and continuously deliver value.

  • ALM development: Learn about the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2012 that help development teams plan projects with agility, integrate quality into the dev cycle, and break down team barriers.
  • ALM testing: Learn about the market-leading capabilities Visual Studio 2012 has for testers, including formal & exploratory manual testing, and automated UI testing.

Partner spotlights

Visual Studio Industry Program (VSIP) partners provide a wide variety of products and solutions to help development teams Define, Develop, and Operate software and services in conjunction with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. Modern developers and development teams use VSIP partner UI controls, test tools, TFS enhancements and migration products, and various other Visual Studio extensions to create better applications faster.