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Learn how to build Apache Cordova apps for Windows 10 devices, including desktop and phone, using Visual Studio 2015 and the new Cordova Windows 10 platform. In this video, we build a simple geolocation app using the geolocation plugin and AngularJS, then build and deploy it to Windows 10 desktop and a Windows 10 phone.


RTM, VS2015





The Discussion

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you...

    I struggled for hours trying to figure out why my Apache Cordova would not build for Windows until I noticed on this video how the angular.js reference was added to the scripts section underneath the platformOverrides.js reference. Once I did that, it worked.

    I can now go forward with my learning path.

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    Thanks for the excellent video (and also at Build). What is not clear to me is if it's possible to build Cordova apps for the Windows Web Platform that include UWP App Services (in the form of background tasks). And are there any examples of that ?

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