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    Hi and thanks for this nice video.

    However I think there is just to much information I as a developer need to keep myself updated with, all the new technologies and the big and small improvements. It becomes even more difficult trying to learn and apply all the new things in a real life application.

    I'm a ASP:NET MVC developer and I would like to build a real life application using the Cross-Platform Mobile App. However this video (and the others at Channel 9) are not practical in order for me to start developing a real life cross platform mobile app.

    I would therefore suggest that Microsoft start releasing books every 6th month that shows how to make real life application from stracth using new and improved technologies, with all the bells and whistles. These books should accumulated all the new technologies and improvements from the last 6 months.

    I there is ofcourse wrox, apress and orielly etc. however these companies unfortunately do not release books so often, they always wait until the final version of a given technology is released which is too late, their books contains often the same old stuff, they are mostly directed towards beginners (even the professional series) and mostly they do not show how to build "advanced" real life application. So I really hope you will take this suggestion into consideration.

    Again thanks for your excellent work on building Cross-Platform Mobile App.



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    MS also publishes books along with MSDN magazine articles and online tutorials.

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    Alex Saez

    You can use pluralsight to keep yourself updated with new techonologies for developing. I totally recommend it.

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