Exploring C# Productivity in Visual Studio 2017

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    Always use var!

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    // is it possible to take some functional features from the new visual studio 2017 and plug them on visual 2015? maybe through adding some dependencies or something? one example: "the ability to 'ctrl .' and choose to send classes on their own separate .cs file". I really like the VS 2015, but also liked some features you guys added to the new Visual Studio. thanks in advance.

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    These features looks amazing!

    Any idea when Live Unit Testing will work with .NET Core?

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    You might want to clarify that some of these feature are only in the Enterprise version. I use Professional and I keep looking for Live Testing. You mention "feature XYZ is in Visual 2017" implying that it is available in all version.


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    Hi y2k4life,

    Live Unit Testing is the only feature I show that is Enterprise SKU only. You can see more about the features in each SKU here: https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/compare/.


    Kasey (MSFT)


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    Manish Jayaswal

    We are working to support Live Unit Testing in .NET Core. We do not have an exact ETA at this time but it should not be too far off.

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    It is sad that Live Unit Testing is available only in Enterprise version. Not everyone needs all features of it.

    It would be great if VS Professional users could buy additional features. 100-200 $ a year for Live Unit Testing would be great. Now for cloud subscription users, it would cost more than 2000 $ a year compared to the VS Professional.

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    the new tuple thing is great, I needed this some months ago.

    But the other things make the code look more ugly. I also only use nameof from C#6 and skip all other "improvements". they only make code ugly to read.

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    @kaseyu: Probably the primary reason I (and most people) use Visual Studio (or if they use some other development tool) is so they can more easily see what they can (or can't) do without needing to spend a lot of time searching online. I think Visual Studio does a great job of this for most things, but one thing that it took me a while to figure out that I couldn't do in Visual Studio 2017 Community was Unit Testing. I think it would be nice if Visual Studio gave some kind of notification that a feature was unavailable in the version being used, or gave you the option to not list unavailable features. I always get very frustrated when I see Intellisense for something that I later find out I can't use.

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    At 8:27 in this video, you are talking about the pink dotted lines on following line of code where you used refactoring to add braces.

    if ( Workouts == null ) return null;

    I have VS 2017 but I don't see those pick dotted lines. Any ideas why?

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    I too did not have code suggestion highlight for missing braces. I have VS 2017 15.5.6 community edition. I disabled Editor Config Services and had no .editorconfig file.

    The Code block preferences: Prefer Braces (In Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Code style > General) severity was None so I changed it to Suggestion and I now see three blue dots under the if.

    I am confused about the relationship between these options and EditorConfig and what was presented in the video.

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