Modern Web Development in Visual Studio 2017

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Visual Studio 2017 makes it easier than ever to build modern web applications using the latest JavaScript technologies. Join Bowden and Mads for a demo of how these new technologies make you more productive writing ASP.NET web applications with improved Intellisense, linting, debugging and transpiling.



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The Discussion

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    Previously I found that VS2015 has its own copy of node and npm that are interfering with standalone installed node.  Does VS2017 still do this? Had to hack Path environment variable before to fix this.

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    The jQuery intellisense seems to stop working after you transpile, typing $. brings up nothing. Has anyone got this issue?

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    To enable the intellisense to work I had to enable "typeAcquisition": {
    "enable": true, // Enable automatic fetching of type definitions for .js libraries

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    On day two there was a really good session titled "Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017". All the mentions of this talk have since disappeared. Now I'm worried about the guy who did the presentation...

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    You mentioned that "Transpile to Javascript" takes your ES6 and makes it ES5, but you didn't select any ES versions.  How do I pick which version of ES I want to use?

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