Visualize and Debug your Live Application with Xamarin Inspector and Workbooks

Play Visualize and Debug your Live Application with Xamarin Inspector and Workbooks
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The beginning and the end of your development cycle can be challenging. Building prototypes to try out ideas is time consuming and fine-tuning your app's behavior can require multiple iterations. This session introduces two interactive C# tools from Xamarin that simplify these two tasks. Xamarin Workbooks is a free tool that helps you get started by giving you an interactive C# prompt that lets you quickly try out ideas without building a test app. The Xamarin Inspector, included with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise, is great as you move forward in your development process; it connects to your running app and lets you to execute C# statements in the context of the app. Any changes you make to the state of the application are happening inside the target process so you can see the effect immediately. This saves a lot of time since it avoids the edit-build-deploy-test steps you would otherwise need.
In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to install and configure Xamarin Workbooks and Xamarin Inspector
  • Use Xamarin Workbooks to write interactive documentation that can execute C# code
  • Connect the Inspector to a running application to view the UI hierarchy
  • Use the inspector to inject new C# statements to change the UI and behavior of a running Xamarin application 



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