Create and deploy Automated UI Tests with Xamarin Test Recorder

Play Create and deploy Automated UI Tests with Xamarin Test Recorder
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Testing your mobile application is important; but catching bugs and ensuring your application works as expected has traditionally been difficult and time-consuming. Test Recorder integrates with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise and records user interactions while your app is running. The interactions are saved as automated tests that can be incorporated into a UI Test project, and run throughout your development process to make sure your application is usable,
consistent, and stable. UI Tests can also be uploaded to Mobile Center (now Visual Studio App Center) and run on hundreds of hosted devices making sure your app doesn't just work well on your device, but all compatible devices.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to install and configure the Xamarin Test Recorder
  • Use the Test Recorder to interactively create new UI Tests
  • Run UI Tests for your application on local devices
  • Deploy your application with your UI Tests to the cloud to run, monitor and test on hundreds of devices



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