Build, Debug, Deploy ASP.NET Core Apps with Docker

Play Build, Debug, Deploy ASP.NET Core Apps with Docker
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Visual Studio 2017, .NET Core and Azure deliver end to end solutions from developing and debugging in containers, publishing to App Service Containers and configuring Continuous Delivery to Azure Container Service.

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The Discussion

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    Randal Vance Cunanan

    Hi, how do I do this using Windows containers? The default core project template looks to be linux only.

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    If not already capable, is the plan to be able to push out the container to various options in addition to Docker in Azure or on local Windows dev machine? For example, let's say if all my CI/CD builds and testing work, I want to push the container to an IoT device (like RPi, etc.) to be able to perform additional tests or run the application. Thx

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    Akhil Lalcheta

    Should the repository account and the azure account be same?

    Because i am geTting error in accessing the VSTS repo through VS2017

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    Hi, great vid!!! Is there a way to make use of the scaffolding performed by VS in this case when using VS Code to allow debugging from there?



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    Hi, I am using VS 2019, when I right click on project and chose "Add docker support" I only get a docker file no docker-compose project, is this normal for VS?

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