Top 10 Entity Framework Features Every Developer Should Know

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    Eric Cox

    Beware: EF Core 1.1 does not support SQL Server in UWP applications. You're forced to use SQLite, which has serious limitations. I learned this while trying to port a enterprise WPF application that uses a local database on Windows tablet machines over to UWP.

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    Is EF Core getting a boost in performance because the queries have just been run on the DB a few seconds earlier?

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    400M of spanish speakers and you don't have spanish subtitles... great!! :(

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    Without a doubt EF Core performance, in his examples, is getting a boost from the query plan being already cached and with the data already being in the buffer cache. If this is not true, prove it.

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    Chris Finlayson

    I downloaded the sample code and ran the 07_fromsql project and noted that it does create the ShortBlog table in the DB despite the notmapped attribute. When I try to create the DB via migrations, the migration scripts also have the instructions to create the shortblog table. I did update the nuget packages to the latest EnttityframeworkCore v1.1.2. Thoughts?

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    EF Core don't support Inheritance: Table per type (TPT) and Inheritance: Table per concrete class (TPC).
    That could be a big problem depending on the structure of the database you want to develop.
    Is there any way to implement this on Ef Core?


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