Top 10 Entity Framework Features Every Developer Should Know

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Entity Framework (EF) has been making light work of data access, and it just keeps getting better with every release. EF Core improved many features from prior versions, as well as introduced brand new features. In this session, I cover the top 10 features of Entity Framework Core that every developer should know.



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    Eric Cox

    Beware: EF Core 1.1 does not support SQL Server in UWP applications. You're forced to use SQLite, which has serious limitations. I learned this while trying to port a enterprise WPF application that uses a local database on Windows tablet machines over to UWP.

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    Is EF Core getting a boost in performance because the queries have just been run on the DB a few seconds earlier?

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    400M of spanish speakers and you don't have spanish subtitles... great!! :(

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    Without a doubt EF Core performance, in his examples, is getting a boost from the query plan being already cached and with the data already being in the buffer cache. If this is not true, prove it.

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    Chris Finlayson

    I downloaded the sample code and ran the 07_fromsql project and noted that it does create the ShortBlog table in the DB despite the notmapped attribute. When I try to create the DB via migrations, the migration scripts also have the instructions to create the shortblog table. I did update the nuget packages to the latest EnttityframeworkCore v1.1.2. Thoughts?

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    EF Core don't support Inheritance: Table per type (TPT) and Inheritance: Table per concrete class (TPC).
    That could be a big problem depending on the structure of the database you want to develop.
    Is there any way to implement this on Ef Core?


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