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The Discussion

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    When will WPF/Winform support platforms other than Windows?
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    This was frankly one of my least favourite of the Launch videos, for a few reasons:

    (1) The information shown in this video has been out for a while. Especially the new features in C# 8.0 and so on. Could have shown new things - especially stuff like how you would ENABLE 8.0 in a project, or refactor for 8.0 (any addins, linters, analyzers that are available), and things in that direction.

    (2) Talk was dry, would have preferred a "demo" of what was being talked about.

    (3) Style was very "fast". Was kind of hard to listen to and digest at some points - I had to use the video controls to re-watch portions.
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    still no vb.net support :C
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    Great talk on highlights of .Net Core 3. Great that no mention of VB was made!!! Would rather see MS devs/test and other resource not being tasked with support of VB or even worse use of time, adding new VB features.

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    Pinkham Software Ltd

    So excited! Always happy to hear DotNet Core 3.0 becoming more performant. The ML libraries are interesting. Visual studio 2019 is really nice to work with.

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    "Dot net standard is the contract that all dot nets must implement".
    "Dot net standard 2.1...will not be supported on dot net framework".
    The first statement is a good description of dot net standard.
    The second statement (which Scott Hunter slipped in really quickly as though he didn't want anyone noticing) completely contravenes the first. WTF ARE YOU PLAYING AT MICROSOFT???
    Dot net standard completely fails as a standard if it does not reflect what is common across the three flavours of dot net - that's its job. GO AWAY AND COME BACK WHEN YOU'VE GOTTEN IT RIGHT!!!

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