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    Ow-some presentation and content..

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    Will this session be available to rewatch. I caught most of the concepts presented but would like to rewatch on some of the more complex items. Overall a great session though.

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    Great session and very well presented.

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    >>So you might as well accept that if you are going to be working with anything related to the internet, it is highly likely that you will be using JavaScript;
    Microsoft it doesn't have to be that way!!! Silverlight was a great product! Plz bring it back or a suitable replacement. JS is a ball and chain around the internet, it is a frontier of great opportunity! Microsoft throw your best talent at a JS replacement and kill it forever. Thanks.

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    I love the intellisense that Typescript provides

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    Nicely explained, got jumpstart in typeScript.

    Cool shirt :)...

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    Very good presentation. more than 1 hour of typescript entertainment

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    I think it did not work initially because you have not saved the index.html file in VS code. But nice Session.

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    // what are you using to play video content on your favorite browser?

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