Microsoft Edge: Product And Personality

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The Discussion

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    Where's the video?

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    I've been waiting for this one... is it coming any time soon?

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    We're working on it! Due to some technical issues this and a few others are coming in a bit late. We're hoping to have them this week.

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    Am I interpreting this correctly that the Edge team decided what my UI colors should be? Or will it still follow the User's UI color choices (windows colors).

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    Where have all the 'Internet Options' gone? Will they just be available in IE 11 or will they be applied to Edge where applicable?

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    I'm liking the direction that Microsoft is going with the Edge browser.  I am most interested in finding out how well will it handle compatibility compared to IE. (Ex: sites look different and behave differently on different IE versions).

    Overall, I am excited with the approach that Microsoft is taking, making the browsing experience fun, easy, and productive.

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