PWA, HWA, Electron, oh my! Making sense of the evolving web app landscape

Play PWA, HWA, Electron, oh my! Making sense of the evolving web app landscape
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We all love web code, but there is only so much you can do in the browser. Native apps allow you to do more, but trying to shoehorn web code into a native experience historically hasn't served our users well. Things are different now. As it turns out, we no longer have to compromise between a great user experience and our familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In this talk, we will be making sense of the evolving web app landscape. We'll cover everything from Progressive Web Apps to React Native to Electron to HWAs, and look at how you can maintain one web code base while still ensuring your apps run brilliantly both in your browser as well as natively on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.









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    Truly brilliant approach to this and it can put MS back in the game if they fully embrace it. Let's face reality, not a lot of companies are going to allocate resources to support UWP development and this gets them their for free. MS really needs to enable fluent design using web tech though. It's how Material Design really took off and changed how people viewed Google in design circles. Fluent Design on the web could certainly do this for MS and potentially attract others to Windows development.

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    Hi everyone! For a more detailed summary of our PWA plans, I posted them here for easy access:

    Kirupa :)

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    "We all love web code" - umm well no, many of us the JavaScript, TypeScrpt, as being difficult to debug, non robust. No where near as productive code development as C# and .NET. But I guess the future, as stated in Build 2011, is all Web and HTML5. Whether that delivers quality, robust and productive long term maintainable code is another matter.

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    I was being hooked with AngularJS and never looked back ever since...
    Google chrome is the driving force for both consumers and enterprise adoption IMO....
    WPF needs TLC
    Anyway need to have competitions to drive innovation....

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