Building Devices with Windows 10 IoT

Play Building Devices with Windows 10 IoT

The Discussion

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    Is there a step-by-step guide to downloading and using the  Image configuration designer.

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    Ideally you would show the computer screen (Powerpoint, Visual Studio, ...) full screen most of the time, and a view of the presenter sometimes.

    As it is the slides and the screen are washed up and unreadable.

    Also more working demos would be great.

    Still, so looking forward to Windows 10 IoT !

    I wish we could access a preview of Windows 10 on Raspberry 2


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    How can we read the code at e.g. 0:25:15?

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    Wow, strange to choose here the CeSetThreadPriority mapped to Win32's SetThreadPriority. It would be worth to mention the difference in parameters, yet alone the differences in thread scheduling.  Ever stopped to think why there is the CeSetThreadPriority API in WinCE in _addition_ to SetThreadPriority in the first place? (and calling SetThreadPriority "modern api", really?).

    The bottom line is that anything WinCE or even Win32 is rather not portable to UAP and would end up as big re-architecting exercise for anything not trivial. So why would one choose Win10 IOT over anything else (esp. given experience with support and commitment to WinCE)? What's MS business model here? Is it another "strategic" MS move that may get abandoned/dead ended?

    Also, standardizing GUI on ~WPF/XAML implies high res displays and mucho CPU/GPU (vector rendering) => $$$ & power.


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    What device were using in the demo SensorInfo, a Raspberry Pi 2?

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