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This session reviews the processes to upgrade and test your hardware to ensure we are ready for Windows 10. Customers will be upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. To deliver the best experience, we need our partners including OEMs, ODMs, IHVs and ISVs to help ensure firmware, drivers and applications are ready for the upgrade experience. Topics include: Why you should care, Upgrade is free, Millions of Win10 users will be live the first day, Tools and engineering efforts, and Partner alignment. Intended Audience: OEMs, ODMs, IHVs.



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The Discussion

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    What happens with Win7 with Media Center? Will it upgrade for free as well?

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    Philip Yip

    Will a new product key be issues for Windows 7 OEM users. There shouldn't be any cases where users have to give Microsoft their Windows 7 OEM key. Windows 7 OEM licenses use generic OEM SLP keys and the unique 25 digit keys on the COA fade. Will the new product key get linked to a Microsoft Account so the user can easily retrieve it and download the .iso at a later date for reinstallation purposes (e.g. hard drive failure or upgrade to a solid state drive).

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    How about Wim devcies, are there already Scenarios made, how to update Windows 8.1 WIM based devices to Windows 10?


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