Battery Life: Debugging Power Problems with Standby

Play Battery Life: Debugging Power Problems with Standby
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Optimizing the system power floor on Connected Standby or Modern Standby systems can be a complex task. You need to understand the Windows power transition flow and the common issues that can be encountered during system development and testing. This session provides an overview of the different device classes, how power is managed and the effect on the system. Topics include: Windows 10 CS/MS power transition flow, System integration, Impact of subcomponents on system, Power management of storage, networking and USB connected devices, Process for analyzing battery drain issues, and SleepStudy and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) tools overview. Intended Audience: OEMs, ODMs, IDHs, IHVs, Peripheral Manufacturers, Driver Developers.



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    Paul Thomsen

    Note that the slides in the video are in Chinese but the downloadable slides here are in English. So it's best to follow the slides on your own machine while listening to the video. The slides are also easier to read on your own machine (especially the animations).

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