Designing Great Hardware for the Windows 10 UI

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The Discussion

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    When is the video available?

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    Based on that Powerpoint attachement to the video, it seems like the touch screen gestures are final. But what about these situations...

    1) How will I perform "swipe from the bottom" gesture on updated Surface Pro 3 with attached and bent Type Cover?

    2) How will "swipe from the bottom" gesture work in case I have taskbar snapped to other edge of the screen?

    3) No more app switching via "swipe from the left" gesture? Current Windows 8 users won't be happy about that. What about leaving this gesture unchanged and make app-switcher appear when "swipe from the left and back" is performed? This gesture showed (modern) app switcher in Windows 8 too after all...

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    Could somebody from WIN 10 team review my suggest for touch swipe gesture enhancement. We desperately need them for mobile.

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