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Screen-on Battery Life Optimization Customers expect long battery life from their Windows devices. The Performance Power Slider UX provides end users with more control of making trade-offs between performance and power. Energy Estimation Engine in Windows 10 provides energy usage data broken down by apps, services, and hardware components on retail devices that are in-use by end users. Battery life assessments enable partners to assess battery life for common workloads and generate actionable traces used for optimizing power. This self-paced hands-on lab session will provide several case studies covering these topics: Performance Power Slider UX, Energy Estimation Engine, Battery Life Assessments, and Optimizing battery life during Full Screen Video Playback (FSVP).

Modern Standby Battery Life Optimization

After your Modern Standby system is developed following the proper power management guidance, there comes the time of testing and validating that the power floor is optimized to deliver great battery life in standby. You might need to break down the system to isolate a power offender. This lab will delve into useful tools such as System Power Report and WPA, and will guide you through various case studies illustrating commonly encountered problems.


The lab documents and supporting files are available to download below. 


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