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    Inbox EPP value of Battery Saver in DC mode will be set to 70 in the next release, so does it mean both inbox EPP value of Battery Saver and Better Battery will be same?

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    @haofei:Yes, that is correct.  On DC power, the default EPP value in the next release of Windows will be the same (EPP70) on Battery Saver and Better Battery.

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    @JorgeNovillo, in 'EXERCISE 2C –PERF POWER SLIDER: VIEWING OVERLAY SETTINGS USING POWERCFG' of your presentation, you describe Powercfg commands to query PPM settings. When I run the 1st line - 'Powercfg /QH OVERLAY_SCHEME_MIN' on my Surface Pro 2017 (running Windows 10 Pro 1803), I get 'The power scheme, subgroup or setting specified does not exist.' Has the 'Better Battery' scheme changed names since your presentation? Also, what is the scheme used for the 'Battery Saver' slider position when running on battery?

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