Version Binding UWP Applications and Driver Packages

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Custom Capabilities enable secure hardware access from UWP applications. Often times, these applications need to be version bound to a specific version of the driver package. Let's review how ISVs can easily enable this functionality.

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The Discussion

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    Can you please clarify the scenario in which the DriverDependency and DriverConstraint need to be met in order for the appx to be installed?

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    @ckh: Great question, if multiple DriverDependency elements are specified in the APPX Manifest, all of them need to be met for the appx to install. DriverConstraint elements describe drivers that satisfy a DriverDependency element.  Only one DriverConstraint element must be met in order for the DriverConstraint to be considered satisfied. The statement in the video has this logic reversed.

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    SoftwareID=x.y.z in MSDN , Is this mean x, y and z are different components or just for all we need to provided just PFN. In video I saw long name with CN<some GUID>.Microsoft.<PFN>. Could you please elaborate

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    si subo la resoluciĆ³n para un programa se dddddidfumina la pantalla

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