Configuration Management Theory: Why idempotence and immutability?

Play Configuration Management Theory: Why idempotence and immutability?
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We'll discover the reasons why it is a risky bet to not *aim* to manage infrastructure and its configuration with idempotence and immutability at heart.

Sharing real world experience, we'll see why configurations should not be done by humans (it's like playing Djenga), and why what may work at the beginning does not work over a long period of time or scale (pet vs cattle problem).


Speaker: Gael Colas, Coud Automation Architect, SynEdgy

Gael Colas is a Cloud and Automation consultant based in London, UK, and fervent DevOps enthusiast. He has an extended experience in Infrastructure Operations for Financial Services, supporting critical platforms, with tight security constraints.

Although from a networking background, he went briefly through development, Unix administration, Windows and third-party applications administration before falling in love with PowerShell and automating as much as possible. Currently, Gael is at the service of a European Cloud Provider to develop PaaS and IaaS solutions.

Passionate about Management, DevOps, Lean, Agile, ITIL, Gael is simply addicted to learning.

Increasingly, Gael shares his thoughts and discoveries through blog posts and twitter... see below!

I write about DevOps on DevOpsCollective:

About anything technical like PowerShell on:







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