From Slider to Gauge: building WinRT custom controls

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In this demonstration Diederik Krols from U2U Consult introduces you to Windows Store app custom controls. Step by step he will walk you through the process of building a reusable and templatable custom control  - from scratch. Furthermore Diederik will describe the process of migrating custom controls from other XAML platforms by comparing some WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Store app controls. Finally Diederik will demonstrate by example some alternatives to custom controls: user controls, inherited controls, extended controls.

Please be informed that the quality of this video isn't ideal. However we preferred to publish this video to make sure you have the choice to watch whatever part of the Windows App Day you want. You can find the slide deck of this session on SlideShare.







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The Discussion

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    This is a very useful session. thank you for creating this.

    Actually I have a question. how can we insert images in generic.xaml as a default image or background of control

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