Developer Camp 2012 Japan Fall

Developer Camp 2012 Japan Fall
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13 Speakers:

  • Brian Keller
    Brian Keller
  • Scott Guthrie
    Scott Guthrie
  • Akira Inoue
    Akira Inoue
  • Akira Onishi
    Akira Onishi
  • Atsushi Fukui
    Atsushi Fukui
  • Daiyu Hatakeyama
    Daiyu Hatakeyama
  • Kazunori Hirano
    Kazunori Hirano
  • Kazuyuki Nomura
    Kazuyuki Nomura
  • Michimune Kohno
    Michimune Kohno
  • Shinichiro isago
    Shinichiro isago

No Recorded Sessions

Sorry, this event has ended and no recorded sessions have been added.